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NFT marketplace development on Polygon blockchain

Learn how our team created an NFT marketplace platform that provides auction functionality while also achieving scalability, high availability, and performance.

An NFT marketplace platform powered by Tron blockchain

Find out how our team created an online NFT marketplace that provides advanced analytics and reporting on sales, price changes, and user behavior.

An online pharmacy marketplace for a healthcare company

Find out how our team created a unique online pharmacy marketplace that connects nearly 1,500 suppliers of healthcare products with users who want to book medicines at the best prices.

An online table booking system for cafes and restaurants

Find out how we created an online restaurant table reservation system to help venues survive during and after the COVID-19 pandemic: accept advanced payments, allocate space, and maximize revenues.

A mobile application for food pre-ordering to bypass the queue

Check out how we created an online food delivery service for iOS and Android consisting of two mobile apps: one is for users (food ordering and takeaway), the second one is for restaurants (order acceptance and status tracking).

An online recruitment marketplace for a Canadian company

Explore how our team developed an online recruitment marketplace that connects employers with job seekers. At the moment of writing, the platform has over 80,000 monthly users in Canada.

A multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace platform for a technology startup

Explore how our team built an e-commerce marketplace website that provides chatbot-based support 24/7.

An online real estate marketplace platform for the US company

Learn how our team converted a simple property listing website into a fully-fledged real estate marketplace platform while ensuring scalability, performance, and security.

An online freelance marketplace platform for a German technology company

Learn how our team created an online freelance marketplace MVP—allowing employers to hire companies and individual experts across the globe—while enabling scalability and high availability.

Customer development and UX design for a logistics company

Find out how our team helped a worldwide provider of logistics services standardize reporting, provide data unification, and easily monitor logistics processes.

An online lodging marketplace for a German startup

Get to know how our team developed an online community marketplace under tight deadlines while achieving high availability, scalability, and performance.

An e-commerce fashion marketplace for a Swiss company

Learn how we developed a web marketplace platform that enables merchants to generate sales reports, track inventory, manage orders, and take valuable insights into customer behavior.

An online education marketplace for a provider of e-learning software

Get to know how Arateg created an e-learning marketplace that connects students with individual experts and institutions across the globe.

An online fitness marketplace for the US startup

Find out how our team developed a marketplace platform — consisting of web and mobile apps — that connects gyms and fitness experts across the country.

An online cosmetics marketplace for the UK startup

Explore how our team created an online marketplace platform — consisting of a website and mobile app — to connect online beauty retailers with consumers.

An online healthcare marketplace for the UK software provider

Learn how Arateg developed an online healthcare marketplace to bring together healthcare professionals and patients for online consultations and appointment scheduling.

The creation of a game development platform and two games for a live casino

Find out how we created a casino game development platform to automate the software engineering process and two cool games to attract new users and increase sales.

A custom e-commerce website for Pintel clothing brand

Learn how we developed 2 versions of a custom e-commerce website, reducing the time-to-market by 3 months while saving high quality.

A mobile video streaming app for iOS and Android

Find out how our team created a mobile streaming application that now serves more than 80,000 users worldwide.

Cryptocurrency exchange development for the company offering blockchain services

Find out how we created a cryptocurrency exchange for professional traders with a fully-customizable interface and real-time data update.

A learning management system and CRM solution for a programming school

Get to know how our team created 2 integrated solutions: a learning management system (LMS) to provide online education and a CRM application to improve sales operations.

An online video poker game for a digital entertainment company

Learn how we created an online video poker game with an amazing UI/UX design that now serves over 220,000 users worldwide.

UI/UX design and frontend development of an online insurance comparison platform

Get to know how we created a UI/UX web design and rebuilt the frontend, which helped the customer provide an amazing user experience and increase the website conversion rate.

A business networking app for the U.S. startup

Find out how our team created a business networking app that allows users to establish connections and achieve career goals faster.

Employee recruitment and onboarding software for a global logistics company

Explore how our team developed staff recruitment and onboarding software that allowed the customer to reduce hiring costs by 30%.

An online insurance service for an InsurTech startup

Learn how we created a web app—online insurance service—that provides personalized certificate recommendations while describing the company’s flagship product.

A big data analytics platform for real estate companies

Learn how our team helped the customer build a property data analytics platform that provides smart insights for lending, investment, market research, and business development.

A blockchain-based platform for a global provider of gaming solutions

Explore how we helped the customer create an online gaming platform powered by blockchain. Using the delivered product, the company attracted $170,000 from investors, as well as brought it to the Chinese and American markets.

A mobile fitness app for home workouts

Find out how we created a mobile fitness application that helped the customer move its business online, allowing people to workout at home according to professional fitness programs.

A money transfer platform for a FinTech startup

Learn how our web development team created a money transfer platform that allows users to track currency rates and compare financial service vendors while providing the client with analytics reports and data visualization.

A web ERP system for a provider of legal services

Find out how we developed a web ERP system that reduced the time for report generation from 2 weeks to less than 10 minutes while allowing the customer to easily create various documents and control payments.

A UI demo of a blockchain software system for banks and financial organizations

Find out how we created a UI demo of a blockchain software system that helped the customer automate transactions and paper-based operations, as well as attract investors.

A house management system for the U.K. provider of luxury property

Learn how our custom web application development company created a house management system within 2 months instead of 4.

A patient health portal for a large medical company

Find out how we developed a complex patient health portal with rich functionality, including patient data analysis, appointment scheduling, calendar management, etc.

Online marketplace development for a Russian startup

Learn how we created an online marketplace that includes 25 large stores, provides rich functionality, and handles high loads.

E-learning platform development for an American startup

See how we created an e-learning platform that provides numerous courses, fast information search across video content, personalized recommendations, and the seamless user experience.

Enterprise content management system for Zorka.Mobi

Find out how we created a rich-functional content management software system for the global market leader in app and influencer marketing.

ERP software development for Pintel clothing brand

Find out how we created an ERP software system for automating accounting and improving enterprise resource management.

Custom CRM development for a programming school

Find out how we built a custom CRM solution for financial accounting and marketing management.

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