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We help international brands deliver better customer experiences increasing sales and cutting costs with tailored IT solutions.

Iventory automation

Enjoy the benefits of smart inventory management reducing operational costs and time to track assets based on expected sales volume.

Secure payment system

We’ll help you build a comprehensive payment system with integrated shopping carts, payment portals, e‑wallets, etc to make the buying process simple and secure.

Reliable warehousing and logistics

We’ll help you reorganize your supply chain to a transparent and secure system effectively tracking assets in any place.

Predict demand and prices

We’ll enable you access to innovative tools helping predict future demand and manage changing volumes, prices of supplies.

Increase customer conversion

Track customer journey and deliver a personalized experience to your online buyers to keep them satisfied and coming back.

Manage data and save time

Track huge amounts of customers' personal data, your international retailers, supply chains, payments, and orders in one place.

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Custom e-commerce software

Transforming e-commerce experiences through innovative technologies. See what we’ve a already built.

Online stores

Enrich online shopping approach with integrated payment and order processing systems, ERP, CMS, billing and secure transactions.

CRM implementation

Keeping track of customer journey has never been so easy with a customer relationship management system.


A marketplace platform for B2b and B2C opening new prospects in trading of any kind of goods or services.

M-commerce solutions

Creating progressive mobile solutions from scratch and mobilizing your existing solutions.

Inventory management

We’ll help you automate and manage your inventory across multiple online sales platforms.

E-commerce analytics

Implement e-commerce solutions that help you turn data into revenue.

Emerging e-commerce solutions

AI and chatbots

A new approach to online shopping with the help of AI technology and chatbots concerning purchasing, payments, security, inventory management.

Blockchain development

Higher security, lower costs, enhanced supply chain management, transparent marketplace - let’s talk about how our software developers can streamline your e-commerce project!

IoT solutions for e-commerce

Take e-commerce to the next level with IoT sensors and RFID in inventory management, tracking the journeys of goods, predicting its maintenance, and preventing losses or making personalized offers to customers.

BI and big data analytics

Using big data & business intelligence in collecting and analyzing huge amounts of e-commerce data from multiple sources leads to more effective business decisions and a better customer experience with higher income.

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What our clients say

Let our clients do all the talking. Hear from some of our satisfied clients from across the globe.

Dmitry Chudovsky

Chief Marketing Officer, Zorka.Mobi

Zorka.Mobi has been working with the Arateg team for over three years. During our cooperation, Arateg has developed several web applications, and we were impressed by their client-centric approach and willingness to analyze how our business works.

The level of services they have provided is at a very high standard. We are excited to have Arateg partner with us, and I look forward to our continued relationship.

Illia Rublevski

CEO, TeachMeSkills

From the first day of cooperation, Arateg demonstrates high professionalism and commitment to the project. They did a great job analyzing our business processes and found the right solution.

We're satisfied with the quality of work and hope on long-term cooperation. Highly recommend Arateg as a reliable IT partner.

Marina Syroezhkina

Chief Information Officer, AsstrA

The new dashboard was successfully implemented and it met all of the our requirements.

Arateg established a seamless workflow by communicating clearly and transparently. They also proved capable of providing innovative solutions in a timely manner.

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Featured works

Read some of our case studies and discover how we’ve helped our clients transform their ideas and requirements into great products.

Mobile application for food ordering and takeaway

An online food delivery service for iOS and Android.

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Online marketplace for a healthcare company

Medicine ordering app that connects 1,500 suppliers of healthcare products with users online.

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Online table booking system for cafes and restaurants

Online restaurant table reservation system to help venues survive during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Online marketplace for a Russian startup

A custom online marketplace that connects multiple stores, selling smartphones and tablets.

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Online cosmetics marketplace for the UK startup

A marketplace platform to connect online beauty retailers with consumers.

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Online healthcare marketplace for the UK software provider

Online healthcare marketplace for appointment scheduling, consultations, and payments.

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