How we make cool digital products

Today the key factor of a successful company and digital product is adaptiveness. That's why we keep to a truly Agile cultre in our company.

How we work

As a full-cycle software development company, we can jump in a project at any stage from requirements specification and up to post-delivery maintenance and support.

  1. Project discovery

    Describe us your idea, project, or challenge you need help solving. We'll conduct initial research and interviews to come up with the best workflow.

    Then we proceed the research and validation conducting in-depth business analysis and customer development to validate ideas and prepare a precise scope of work. It allows us to provide faster time to market with lovable product features.

  2. Design

    We follow a human-centered approach to create usable interfaces that users love.

  3. Development

    Agile development process with both continuous delivery process and milestone reports. Development environment, code style, and automation tests (unit, integration, end-to-end) is an integral part of the process.

    Agile development process at Arateg
  4. QA testing

    Manual and automation testing to ensure product quality and reliability.

  5. Support & maintenance

    General product and server monitoring, fixing bugs, and implementing new product features.

How we make development adaptive

Agile is about adaptive planning, evolutionary development, the fastest possible release of new product versions, constant improvement and a quick response to emerging difficulties.

We release a new version and make a demo presentation often (at least once every 2 weeks).

We understand that product requirements may change even at the end of development stage and take market competition into consideration.

New versions after the very first release are also often delivered to end users, since we can receive users feedback and make only necessary advatageous features.

Each developer in the team understands the goal of the software being developed. Our teams also have the necessary working conditions with support and confidence atmosphere.

Our team (team leads, project managers and main developers) keep to constant communication with our customer (or customer representative, business analyst).

We believe that the best way to exchange information is a face to face talking. Therefore, we hold frequent audio and video meetings with the team and customers.

We do not measure our progress in hours or in team size. The main metric for us here is a working software.

Our team constantly adapts to changing circumstances through systematically reviewing possible ways to improve performance and adjust their work style accordingly.

Cooperation process

Development team

Build development process release 4-6 user stories per week

Product owner

Defines product challenges and main idea accumulates ideas to create user stories


Collect ideas for further user stories use and maintain delivered product

How you get 100% transparency

Clear communication

Our team is always open to project tasks discussion, ideas sharing and changes making on the fly.

Demo presentations

Demo at the end of every sprint to check intermediary results, discuss improvements of functionality, prevent risks.

No barriers

Weekly or daily calls, regular planning and acceess to Jira makes it easy to stay tuned at every development stage.

Access to AraIS

Our clients have an access to our internal informational system AraIS to have a full vision of project state.

Repository access

Our clients have an access to the repository to verify the code quality and work progress.

Regular analytics

We provide weekly reports on project stage, challenges and ways to resolve them.

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How we ensure security


We start with signing up an NDA to ensure your project protection and security.

VPN connections

We employ VPN connections to increase data security of all the company’s and clients’ info.

Security consulting

We consult lawyers to secure intellectual property and rights transfer.

Secure access

We can track everyone coming in our office as we use a special key card to access the rooms.

Certified Scrum Masters

We implement Scrum best practicies to make the developers team perform at the highest level.

Even more protection

We employ two-factor authentication, set up role-based access, firewall, ssls, DDos protection, storng passwords, etc.

How we deliver the highest quality

Code review

We employ best practices to reviewing code to exclude errors and discuss them with project leads.


We write tests to make automated testing along with running manual testing.


We integrate DevOps to ensure smooth flow of engineering work and reach the best quality.

Strong team

Our team keeps to constant learning, attend profile courses to learn the best development practices.

Deployment environment

We make UAT, staging, prod enviromments for testers and clients to chek out close real quality.

Analytical systems

Using analytics on production to prevent and fix possible bugs erlier than real users.

Benefits of working with us

Quick project start

Start your new high-tech project with our team immediately! Regularly it takes 10 days for our software experts to begin.

Open communication

One of our main principles is high-level of communication at all development stages. Our cliens have a direct access to the development team.

Tailored approach

We adhere to unique project objectives, suggesting the most efficient development methodology, source model, whether it is a turn-key project or you need to ramp up your team with our software experts.

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