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Customer development and business discovery

We conduct customer and business interviews to validate ideas, help you understand the actual customer needs and frustrations, review an existing business model, and get actionable insights on how to generate value.


We create a product prototype to test ideas and save costs down the line. It allows us to receive meaningful feedback at early stages and define precise requirements and scope of work for further design and development.

Visual design

To make user interface work for you and be clear and intuitive for the customers, we need to get the accents right by visual design. It will help users conduct valuable and essential actions in the product.

Usability testing and review

We conduct usability testing to gather customers impressions, ensure that user interface is usable, understand how customers are using the product, and find valuable insights and growth points.

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Human-centered approach

We follow a human-centered approach to create transformative digital experiences that solve the most complex business challenges.

  1. Idea

    You have an idea of a great product that you guess solves particular customers needs.

    Maybe it's not a problem worth solving. We need to learn as much as we can about the users to validate the idea or come up with the new one.

  2. Research & Strategy

    We conduct customer development, focusing on understanding users, their experience, needs, and requirements to find the right problem and implement useful and usable solutions.

  3. Requirements

    After finding the right problem and potential solution, we transform all the information into detailed and precise requirements.

  4. Prototyping

    Knowing all the requirements, we can define information architecture, navigation, user scenarios, and many more to create a prototype or UI.

  5. Testing & Review

    Solution prototype or UI is something we can test to gather customers impressions and feedback. It's a continuous process of checking new ideas and verifying design decisions before going to software development.

  6. Solution

    We have a tested product that solves particular customers needs. Finally, we can go to software development.

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