Frequently asked questions

  • Does my idea fit a marketplace development?

    If you want to create an online platform connecting users (sellers, buyers) and let them interact while all parties receiving some profit, a marketplace is what you need.

  • How much does it cost to build a marketplace?

    The total development cost of a marketplace depends on multiple factors like product type, platforms, features your app will have, the region of your IT outsourcing partner, etc. It could take 6-8 months to develop a simple app and 12-18 months to create a feature-rich complex platform.

  • Do you have previous experience in developing marketplaces?

    Yes, our team has a solid experience of 7+ years of marketplace development (B2B, B2C, C2C, etc) for food, healthcare, e-learning, e-commerce industries. Learn more details and marketplace examples delivered by our team in our case studies section.

  • We need to create a marketplace MVP for our startup and pitch it to investors. How long does it take to make an e-marketplace?

  • What to do if I’m not quite sure about which features my marketplace should have?

  • What technologies should I choose for my marketplace?

  • I'm not a tech-savvy person but I want to develop a marketplace. How can you help me?

  • How can I control the development process and make sure everything is going ok?

  • Do you have your own team of software developers?

  • How can I cut costs but save quality in my marketplace development?

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