client review, Dmitry Chudovsky from Bidease
Dmitry Chudovsky

Marketing Executive, Ad Tech Company, Bidease

The web app they've developed for us meets all our expectations. We can quickly analyze, manage and monitor different business indicators in real-time with no need for other tools.

Arateg’s focus on learning about their client’s business makes it a pleasure to work with them.

client review, Illia Rublevski from TeachMeSkills
Illia Rublevski

CEO, TeachMeSkills

From the first day of cooperation, Arateg demonstrates high professionalism and commitment to the project. They did a great job analyzing our business processes and found the right solution.

We're satisfied with the quality of work and hope on long-term cooperation. Highly recommend Arateg as a reliable IT partner.

client review, Marina Syroezhkina from AsstrA
Marina Syroezhkina

Chief Information Officer, AsstrA

The new dashboard was successfully implemented and it met all of our requirements.

Arateg established a seamless workflow by communicating clearly and transparently. They also proved capable of providing innovative solutions in a timely manner.

client review, Viktor Ryzhov from Zorka.Mobi
Viktor Ryzhov

Chief Marketing Officer, Zorka.Mobi

Zorka.Mobi has been working with the Arateg team for over three years. During our cooperation, Arateg has developed several web applications, and we were impressed by their client-centric approach and willingness to analyze how our business works.

The level of services they have provided is at a very high standard. We are excited to have Arateg partner with us, and I look forward to our continued relationship.

client review from CTO at Wirecompare
CTO, Wirecompare

Working from scratch, Arateg designed and developed a turnkey website that included functionality such as a ranking system and API integration within 6 weeks. The team communicated well and delivered work within the deadlines.

After understanding the project requirements, Arateg created a top-class product while remaining reasonably priced. Customers can also expect excellent project management skills.

client review, Maxim Beizerov from piq
Maxim Beizerov

Managing Director & Product Owner, piq

As a Product Owner I have been in close contact with the team of Arateg. The company provided us with a full set of skills, including Project Management, Developers, Testers and Designer. The team is very responsive so we can reach out to them at any time over Slack or Jira. The communication is superb. If they had a better solution, they always presented it to us upfront. And we are really thankful for that, because it saved a lot of resources. We are completely happy with the quality of the deliverables. That's the reason why we will continue to work with Arateg.

client review, Kevin Mc Evoy from RequiSit
Kevin Mc Evoy

Founder, RequiSit

The Arateg team successfully brought the mobile platform to market and we were happy with their work based on what we had discussed. The communication was excellent from day one as Andrew and his team were extremely communicative from early discovery discussions all the way to completion and after. We were all working in different time zones but they were always available to us. Everything went smoothly because of the team's preparations and the price was also very competitive.

client review, founder of a german startup
Founder, German startup

Arateg is distinguished by extensive experience in blockchain and marketplace development. The company proved itself as a trusted partner with keen understanding on the NFT industry. Providing advisory in every aspect of the project, the Arateg team offered plenty of recommendations on how to improve user satisfaction, achieve scalability and performance, as well as minimize transaction fees. With the product they delivered, we managed to attract investors and raise funds.

client review, from CEO of a Canadian tech company
CEO, Canadian provider of HRM software solutions

Arateg is a great software development partner that provides assistance at each project stage: from prioritizing features to choosing a technology stack and outlining an implementation roadmap. On top of that, Arateg helped us analyze competitors and identify the best monetization strategy. The team met all deadlines and in some cases, completed tasks even ahead of its initial estimation. I would definitely recommend Arateg to any startup or institution that wants to develop a robust solution with an outstanding web design.

client review, from CEO & founder of a german tech company
Founder & CEO, German tech company

In just 3 months, Arateg delivered an MVP of a web freelance marketplace. After collecting and analyzing our requirements, the team created a dynamic prototype that showcased the visual appeal and structure of a web app. The communication was so effective and pleasant. In most cases, we got responses from the experts within less than an hour. Arateg is a great partner to build complex solutions within timeframes and budget.

client review, from CTO at the UK software providing company
CTO, UK software provider

Since the first day of our collaboration, Arateg showed itself as a team of true professionals, from meeting deadlines to delivering quality code. As the CTO, I would like to note that Arateg focuses on platform scalability, high availability, and security, vital to ensuring a seamless and safe user experience.

client review, CEO of a Swiss e-commerce company
CEO, Swiss provider of software solutions for e‑commerce

The team at Arateg delivered a quality solution while demonstrating the ability to work efficiently and meet project requirements. Thanks to meaningful recommendations provided by the software experts, we managed to improve time to market and cut costs. We are quite satisfied with the cooperation we’ve established with Arateg.

client review, CTO of a german e-learning company
CTO, German provider of e‑learning apps

Arateg has the competence in not only building superior products but also in specifying requirements and outlining a project roadmap. In 4.5 months, the company developed an e-learning marketplace while addressing various technical challenges and meeting deadlines. The team did excellent job and I recommend them as a skilled IT partner you can always rely on.

client review, from CEO & founder of a US startup
Founder & CEO, US startup

It was a real pleasure to work with Arateg. The company provided high-quality service, from effective project management to top-notch communication and compliance with deadlines. The Arateg team assisted us in researching the audience’s needs and analyzing competitors.Thanks to regular reports and daily video meetings, we were able to validate intermediate results and provide our feedback. With the solution, we engaged investors and raised capital to implement new functionality.

client review, founder of a UK tech startup
Founder, UK technology startup

During the project, Arateg provided a lot of recommendations on how to meet our project goals in the best possible way. Apart from building a quality software platform, the team provided business analysis services to identify key functionality and prepare a software requirements document. As a result of our partnership, we were able to raise finance. We are happy to continue cooperating with Arateg to create the second product version.

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