The client is Zorka.Mobi, the world’s leading agency in Influencer & Performance Marketing. Zorka.Mobi was founded in 2015 as a local CPA startup with 10 employees. In three years, it has transformed into the global market leader in app and influencer marketing. Currently, the company employs about 100 specialists. They were looking for a trusted software development firm that would build an enterprise content management software system.


The company quickly grew from a startup to a large company. New employees came every month and it became quite challenging to bring them onboard. At the same time, the company’s knowledge was dispersed, data was stored in different places, and access to the information wasn’t systematically controlled.
To cope with these problems, the client decided to build a centralized corporate portal for data storage, sharing, and management. We put together a beautiful UX design and cutting-edge web technologies and delivered a user-friendly, reliable, and scalable software solution.

Project duration

4 months, 900 hours

Project team

Back end developer, 2 front end developers, a UX designer, a UI designer, a project manager, and a QA engineer

Project goal and summary

The main goal was to create an enterprise content management system that would provide authorized users with the ability to acquire, share, and manage:
  • Corporate identity information
  • A full set of web elements (for adding new pages to the system)
  • Corporate knowledge (files, documents, enterprise and educational information, communication rules, etc.)
We built a centralized corporate portal where everyone has access only to the data that he or she needs for work. An HR manager adds each new employee to the system with all the necessary information kept in it.
In addition, our team prepared a specific guide for web developers. This guide includes the rules of building and designing web projects in order to adhere to brand identity. What’s more, we have created React components that can be used by engineers to automate the web development process.


The customer came to us with the goal to optimize document management, improve internal communications and other processes as well. We began the project by analyzing his requirements and business-specific needs and then moved to content management software system design and development.
The project took four months and consisted of six stages:
  1. UX research and prototyping

    Our specialists collected the requirements to clarify what functionalities needed to be implemented.

  2. Preparation of a technical specification

    It included the requirements for design and interface development.

  3. Design of UI components

    Our team of experienced UI and UX designers have created the ultimate guideline for Zorka.Mobi.

  4. Design of a corporate portal

    We have created an intuitive design so that employees can use a content management system without thinking.

  5. Front-end and back-end software development and testing

    Once a content management system had been built, our QA engineers tested it for bugs, errors, and compliance with the requirements. It took 2 and a half months to make a front-end project part and 1.5 months—for the back-end.

  6. Project integration

    Zorka.Mobi integrated the system in its workflow and began enjoying the results.

The client needed to receive a fully functional editor that would let him easily create any type of text through an administration panel. Since most CMS systems don’t allow managing content with no limitations, we decided to make a custom software solution. So, our key challenge was to design and integrate all possible text/editorial features (bullet lists, numbered lists, quotes, etc.).
As a result, we built a content editor that enables to create posts for the client’s customer. It has a complex logic of converting an article to a format for storing it in the database (DB). React components use the same format for rendering editor components. The logic is associated with the styling of articles and escaping of special characters for storage in the DB.
To ensure that changes to the article would be automatically saved and displayed to the user in real-time, our engineers used WebSockets. Therefore, users always see the latest version of the article.
Also, we developed a library of flexibly changing components that allows employees to quickly and easily create pages and blocks that are fully consistent with the corporate identity. To add this feature, our team used React/Storybook.

The key features

We developed an enterprise content management software system that includes the following features:
  • User authorization
  • Administration panel
  • Version history
  • Commenting in real-time
  • Safe storage of the company knowledge
  • Simple access to the company’s data
  • Access permissions
  • A multifunctional text editor that supports file upload
  • Library of web elements (React components)


Our software development team built a functional corporate portal that has enabled our client to:
  • Improve communications between different departments
  • Optimize document management
  • Control data access
  • Automate web development while adhering to brand identity guidelines
  • Centralize large amounts of data
  • Facilitate the process of teaching new employees
An enterprise corporate portal was well-received by Zorka.Mobi employees. Due to the system integration, they have got the ability to focus more on important tasks without being distracted by long information search. Document management has become much more efficient with a clear document structure, fast access, and secure authorization.

What Zorka.Mobi says

client review, Viktor Ryzhov from Zorka.Mobi
Viktor Ryzhov

Chief Marketing Officer, Zorka.Mobi

Zorka.Mobi has been working with the Arateg team for over three years. During our cooperation, Arateg has developed several web applications, and we were impressed by their client-centric approach and willingness to analyze how our business works.

The level of services they have provided is at a very high standard. We are excited to have Arateg partner with us, and I look forward to our continued relationship.

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