How to make a video streaming app like Netflix: features, time & cost

An ultimate guide to making a video streaming app like Netflix. Learn how much it costs to build a streaming platform, how much time it takes, and what features you should add.

How to make an e-commerce site and what is the cost in 2020?

We’ve prepared a detailed guide on how to make an e-commerce site in 2020. Learn how much it costs and how to increase sales with a quality solution.

Arateg Recognized By Clutch as amongst the Top Developers in Belarus in 2020

We’re thrilled to share that Arateg is recognized by Clutch as a leading custom software development company for the second consecutive year. Check it out!

How Are Different Sectors Struggling With the Crisis?

Learn how retail, healthcare, financial services, construction, real estate, and other sectors are struggling with the crisis. See what you should include in your business recovery plan to cut costs and boost efficiency.

From Powerful Web to Mobile App Solutions: Arateg Caught GoodFirms Attention Again

Arateg recognized as a TOP provider of web and mobile app development services by GoodFirms. Check out our performance evaluation in the GoodFirms research!

How We Ensure a Smooth Remote Workflow in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Today it’s very important to set up a distant workflow and maintain efficiency. Learn how we at Arateg collaborate remotely while saving high service quality.

How to Build a Remote Workflow and Boost Productivity in the Time of COVID-19?

Check out the complete guide on how to set up successful remote collaboration, digitize workflow, and raise efficiency!

How Will You Benefit From Building a Mobile Application?

What benefits can you get using a mobile application? How can you solve business challenges? How is COVID-19 affecting the mobile app industry? Learn in our new post!

Arateg Responds to the COVID-19 Crisis: How We Ensure Safety and Quality?

As the world is experiencing a negative impact of COVID-19, we’ve put a lot of energy to provide team safety and client support. See what we do to remain one of the best IT service vendors.

A Guide for Business: How to Get out of the COVID-19 Crisis?

As now the business environment is uncertain, it’s very important to digitize workflows and increase efficiency. Get to know how to overcome the crisis and outrun competitors.

How to Control Software Development With Agile and Get the Highest Quality?

Here at Arateg, we’ve established a strong Agile culture. Learn what Agile is and how it allows development teams to build quality products faster.

Why Is Belarus a Great IТ Outsourcing Destination?

Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Coca-Cola, Siemens, and Procter & Gamble delegate their projects to Belarus. In this interview, Andrew Volchek, CEO and Co-Founder at Arateg, will explain why Belarus is such a popular IT outsourcing destination.

How to Choose the Best Software Development Pricing Model for Your Project

Fixed Price, Time and Material, Mixed Mode, Dedicated Team. What is the best software development pricing model for your business?

MVP for Startups: Why Building an MVP Is a Great Idea

Learn how building an MVP helps companies reduce costs, attract investors, improve time-to-market, and create a product that your audience dreams about

Arateg Listed in Top 30+ Mobile Development Companies 2020

Our company has been recently included in the list of TOP 30+ mobile app developers in 2020 by TechReviewer

Arateg Becomes a Resident of Belarus Hi-Tech Park!

We are happy to announce that we’ve officially joined Belarus Hi-Tech Park, an analogue of Silicon Valley! Founded in 2005, HTP is one of the leading European clusters providing a unique tax and legal regime for IT business.

Arateg Announced as a Top Custom Software Development Company by GoodFirms

Arateg recognized as Top Custom Software Development Company by GoodFirms. Find us in the list of the best world's trusted firms!

10 Symptoms That Your Business Needs Custom-Made Software

Companies solve various challenges by using technology. However, what to choose—turnkey or tailor-made software? When does your business really need a custom product? Find out the answers!

Does My Business Actually Need to Adopt Blockchain Technology?

Providing data security, faster transactions, and no intermediaries, blockchain solves many challenges across different industries. See how can you benefit from using blockchain and do you actually need it.

CRM Software Development: How to Build CRM from Scratch?

From customer service improvement to sales and marketing automation, CRM software can provide you with plenty of advantages. Find out how to create a custom CRM that will meet your business-specific needs.

Why Your Business Needs CRM: 5 Challenges to Solve with CRM System Integration

A CRM system can help you increase sales by up to 29%, sales productivity by up to 34%, and accuracy of sales forecasting —by 42%. Learn how to solve your business challenges and take a competitive advantage by using CRM software.

Arateg Recognized As a Top Software Development Company in Eastern Europe by Clutch!

Check out our new award as a leading B2B company by Clutch’s 2019 report. We highly appreciate the loyalty and trust placed in our team among the myriad of business service providers from five countries.

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