How we ensure transparency of the development process

How can I control the development of my software project? Based on our 6+ years of experience, we have identified that this is one of the most important questions C-level executives are looking the answer for. By monitoring the process of creating a software product, you can validate the outcome of each stage and make sure it aligns with your expectations.

At Arateg, we focus on building a trusted partnership with our customers. Our approach is based on three pillars: Agile, Security, and Transparency. Following the Agile methodology, we deliver software solutions faster while increasing the end quality. Providing workflow and communication transparency, we improve collaboration between you and the app development team.

How we provide transparency of the development process

To ensure transparency, our IT outsourcing company provides you with access to all project development aspects that include:

  • project documentation
  • team reports
  • project roadmap
  • code repository
  • clickable prototypes
  • Jira, a project tracking and management system
  • Trello, a project management platform
  • AraIS, an internal information system created by our software development team.

In addition, you can directly communicate with each team member during the application development process, as well as view resumes before the project start.

As a consequence, you are always aware of:

  • team daily operations
  • planned activities
  • project status
  • intermediary project results
  • the number of hours that has been already spent on building a software solution
  • skills of designers and software engineers
  • arising issues such as changes to the scope of work (for instance, our software experts may recommend adding a new feature to enhance user experience)
“Our custom application development company provides transparency to take care of customers and set up long-term cooperation. With access to team reports, product demos, and our internal information system, they are confident their projects are on the right track. Thanks to constant communication, we are always on the same wave, which helps us deliver the best result possible.”

Consulting with lawyers and signing an NDA

Our custom application development company works with lawyers on all contract-related issues to ensure proper assignment of rights. Signing an NDA—even before getting access to a software requirements document—we ensure data confidentiality.

Communicating with customers

Our software engineers, project managers, and business analysts communicate with you throughout the app development process to discuss the project, suggest meaningful recommendations, showcase intermediary results, and receive your feedback.

Preparing daily, weekly, and monthly reports

In our custom application development company, we provide you with access to our task reporting and project management system, called AraIS. This system contains information about the completed tasks, planned activities, deadlines, built functionality, and challenges the team faced. AraIS generates a detailed report each week, which is sent to the client.

Furthermore, our specialists communicate with you via messengers or emails to inform you about daily results. You can view the project status and the delivered work scope in AraIS or Jira.

In addition, we send you reports that provide project details such as meeting summaries and changes in the requirements. Therefore, you can easily control the app development process and connect with software experts to clarify the necessary issues. Thanks to transparent workflow, we faster create quality digital solutions to your business-specific problems.

Holding in-person and virtual meetings

We believe that transparent communication is the best way to set up effective cooperation. To discuss various issues, our IT outsourcing company holds virtual meetings—on a daily and weekly basis—with customers via video conferencing software such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Google Meet.

Our IT firm also conducts face-to-face visits, going to the clients’ offices or inviting them to ours. However, we were forced to close all business trips until the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are quite happy with our choice to work with them. Reasonably priced, no delays, great communication and high-quality code.”

If you are going to build a software project, you’re welcome to contact our team . With over 6 years of experience in tailor-made software development, we will be glad to help you address business-specific challenges. Please, briefly describe your issue, and we will get back to you within 1 working day. The consultation is for free.

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