How we ensure a smooth remote workflow in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic

Since the beginning of March 2020, our custom application development company completely switched to remote work due to the COVID-19 disease outbreak. The establishment of remote collaboration did not affect the quality of our services as there are various tools and techniques that allow organizations, including ours, to maintain and even raise productivity.

At Arateg, we have been working with clients from abroad for more than 5 years. This helped us quickly set up remote cooperation using the same methods for performing tasks from home and adding some new ones such as daily team meetings via audio and video conferencing software.

Our remote software development team is safe doing their jobs from home. Thanks to the fast establishment of a remote workflow in a time of COVID-19, our processes have not been interrupted even for a single day.

Handling the remote-first approach during the COVID-19 quarantine, we especially focus on the following activities:

  1. Holding collective team meetings 2-3 times a week - on Monday, we discuss what activities everyone is going to perform and what tasks must be done. On Friday, we estimate what has been done. In the middle of the week, our specialists conduct audio or video calls to ensure everything is going well or to quickly resolve arising issues.
  2. Providing information security in terms of remote work - using VPNs, data access permissions, secure user authentification, etc.
  3. Recruiting and onboarding employees distantly - for this purpose, we mainly use audio and video conferencing software, file sharing and editing tools, and GitHub (to check the examples of open-source code).
  4. Making sure everyone in our remote software development team feels comfortable - we ask all our specialists to take home all necessary devices (from laptops and keyboards to mouses), fave chairs, and plants they need to create a convenient working environment and maintain high productivity.
Thanks to video meetings where we discuss tasks and projects, worry about each other because of coronavirus, everyone in the team feels more social, which is very important during the lockdown. This also allows us to synchronize working activities.
The most interesting thing that I’ve noticed when working remotely is that my productivity has increased during this time. I feel comfortable doing my job at home as I have all the necessary equipment. The team constantly holds virtual meetings, chats in Slack, and everyone always keeps in touch.

To establish a convenient remote workflow and ensure process transparency, we use the following remote collaboration software:

  1. Slack - we employ Slack to reduce email communications, improve team cohesion, and provide instant client support discussing the required issues throughout the day.
  2. Zoom, Google Hangouts, Google Meet - our specialists use this audio and video conferencing solutions for holding virtual meetings with potential and current clients, as well as onboarding new team members.
  3. Jira - our specialists use Jira to track time, plan software development activities, and control workloads.
  4. Dropbox, Google Suite - we employ these tools for file cloud storage and sharing.
  5. AraIS - our internal software information system we are really proud of. We’ve created this platform to offer customers full control over their projects. AraIS enables them to view team reports, check arising issues, leave comments, monitor task statuses, and track the development process.
With daily and weekly reports, thoughtful task planning, and virtual meetings, we continue delivering quality custom software development services as it was before the pandemic.

We are continuously monitoring the global pandemic situation waiting until it clears up. However, our software development team stays positive due to convenient working conditions and optimism.

With various remote collaboration tools and practices, our company continues delivering quality services and solving clients’ business issues even in terms of the coronavirus quarantine. We are glad we’ve managed to successfully adapt to new conditions and are ready to help you digitize workflow and boost productivity!

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