The customer is a Germany-based startup that wanted to launch a global online food pre-ordering service and scale it as the number of users would be increasing.


Aiming to optimize costs and increase the development speed, the client decided to make a cross-platform solution for iOS and Android. An important point was to make the product look and perform like a native application.
Since the startup quickly wanted to show the service to potential customers—restaurant owners and end users—the system had to be delivered within tight deadlines.
As Arateg had been featured as one of the leading mobile app development companies by Wadline, ITFirms, TechReviewer, and by other trusted B2B platforms, the organization relied on our expertise to address technical challenges.

Project duration

Ongoing, 4 months MVP development.


4 React Native developers, a QA engineer, a UI designer, UX designer, project manager.


React Native, TypeScript, Redux, Redux-Saga, Facebook SDK, Apple SDK, Google SDK, Firebase SDK, Mapbox, Stripe.

Project goal and summary

The key goal was to create the frontend part of a mobile application with an intuitive UI design that would let people pre-order food online and take it away from a restaurant within a specified time. Furthermore, the client needed to build the second app—a terminal for restaurants—where providers can easily manage all the orders using tablets.
Since one of the target audiences were travellers, it was important to ensure the possibility to buy food before arriving in a certain city and pick it up right at the airport.
Intended to serve millions of people worldwide, the product had to enable a simple restaurant search both in the catalogue and right on on the map using multiple filters and real-time display of working hours.


The development of an online food pre-ordering service—including the creation of a modern intuitive UI design and a terminal module—took 4 months. When the company turned to Arateg, the requirements for the future product were not detailed. The client wanted to be involved in the project, testing new features and checking various ideas.
We followed an Agile methodology , which allowed us to quickly and easily make changes to UI design and functionality while delivering new features every 2-3 weeks. At Arateg, we employ Agile to achieve flexibility, increase team cohesion, and set up effective cooperation with the customer.
When making the frontend part of a mobile application, our software engineers faced many technical challenges. Take a look at how we resolved them!
case study, features of the food delivery app
  1. Enable a convenient restaurant search on the map including multiple filters and correct data display.
    There was no market-ready solution that would allow our programmers to enable restaurant search right on the map. To address this issue, our mobile app development team built a custom logic from scratch using Mapbox, a mapping platform for designers and programmers.
    This logic involved a range of elements, for instance, multiple filters, zoom in and out, display of different countries and cities, pins of restaurants, display of working hours, etc.
    case study, geolocation and search on the map in the app
  2. Provide users with dozens of payment methods and ensure the security of data and transactions.
    Our mobile app developers integrated the Stripe payment gateway, so that users would be able to easily carry out financial transactions. We also enabled Apple Pay, Google Pay, and card payments (Visa, MasterCard, etc.).
    To ensure the seamless functioning of the system 24/7, our software and quality assurance engineers took into account and tested all possible scenarios, for example, not sufficient funds, order expired, purchase cancellation, refund, etc.
    Employing 3-D Secure, we ensured the security of client sensitive data and money transfers.
  3. A mobile application was intended to display restaurant working hours based on the user time zone.
    It was important to allow users to order food online when they are a few hours away from the city of arrival. Then, they would be able to take it at the airport or from the restaurant. To resolve this challenge, our mobile app developers built a complex business logic that automatically defines the user location and time zone, as well as provides real-time visualization. Finally, our UI and UX experts created a user-friendly design with multiple complex elements.
    case study, restaurants rating feature in the app

The key features

Our React Native development team created the frontend of an online food delivery platform that consists of two mobile applications.

A mobile app for users includes the following features:

  1. Restaurant search worldwide
  2. User navigation - route visualization on the map
  3. Multi-language support
  4. User authorization via Facebook, Apple, and Google
  5. Payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, payment cards, etc.
  6. Push notifications informing users about the status of their orders
  7. A convenient restaurant search on the map or in the catalog
  8. A detailed filter search system
  9. The ability to order and pre-order food in several restaurants at the same time
  11. Restaurant ratings
In addition, our software engineers provided users with the ability to choose an airport zone (arrival, departure) to receive the ordered food.

A terminal for restaurant owners comprises the following functionality:

  1. Order acceptance and distribution
  2. Order status tracking
  3. Automatic order status update
  4. Refund in case of order cancellation
  5. The ability to indicate what products are missing in order to remove them from sale
  6. Role-based access (for instance, the system administrator has the ability to monitor the work of managers viewing orders, the speed of their processing, etc.)
case study, terminal for restaurant owners in the app


Thanks to the delivered cross-platform solution, the client managed to help users quickly choose a cafe or restaurant based on ratings, location, user reviews, and other parameters.
Food providers received the ability to open a new sales channel with a terminal that includes an order tracking and management functionality. This online food delivery system provides multi-language support. At the moment, our mobile app development team continues working on the product adding new features.
The application suits all users who want to buy dishes from different cafes and restaurants. It also perfectly fits the needs of travellers as they can simply make orders from any place in the world. This is especially convenient when planning trips or being a few hours away from the country of arrival.

What piq says

client review, Maxim Beizerov from piq
Maxim Beizerov

Managing Director & Product Owner, piq

As a Product Owner I have been in close contact with the team of Arateg. The company provided us with a full set of skills, including Project Management, Developers, Testers and Designer. The team is very responsive so we can reach out to them at any time over Slack or Jira. The communication is superb. If they had a better solution, they always presented it to us upfront. And we are really thankful for that, because it saved a lot of resources. We are completely happy with the quality of the deliverables. That's the reason why we will continue to work with Arateg.

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