How Arateg develops quality software solutions and delivers the best result

how Arateg develops quality software

At Arateg, our approach to software development is based on three pillars: Agile, Security, and Transparency. Since 2014, we have adopted best practices that allow us to set up effective cooperation with our customers, provide a smooth workflow, and build team cohesion.

Aiming to meet your industry-specific needs, we focus on delivering the best solution possible. We believe that using up-to-date technologies and writing clean code have crucial importance but our top priority is to address your challenges. That’s why we dive into your business goals.

How we ensure the quality of our products and services

1. Analyzing competitors and defining the target audience

In our custom application development company, we believe that a digital product must add value to users and stand out from competitors. For this purpose, our team investigates the market and analyzes the audience. To help you fill a niche, we create impact maps, empathy maps, user stories, and conduct A/B testing as well.

2. Creating a detailed technical specification

When our customers don’t have a technical background to prepare a technical specification, our business analysts perform this task. In case the client provides us with this document, our engineers audit it to clarify the project needs and make recommendations if necessary. By collecting and processing the company’s requirements, we get a deep understanding of its business goals.

A technical specification includes various details, describing how the system should look and behave, how it should respond to different actions, how it will address user problems, how many screens or pages it should have, on which operating systems it is built for, etc.

A software requirements document allows us to improve communication during the project, estimate the scope of work, and make feature prioritization.

3. Making code review

Our software development team reviews code to find defects, for example, security vulnerabilities or performance issues. Employing this software quality assurance activity, we enhance code readability, understandability, and maintainability.

When engineers closely collaborate to analyze each other’s code, they get a deep project understanding, including its architecture, business logic, etc. while suggesting improvement ideas. To discover better solutions, the code is also reviewed by team leads. Following this practice, we verify its quality.

If we need, say, to add new features to the customer’s product or modernize a web application, our developers conduct code refactoring to increase software system performance, optimize memory usage, or fix other issues. At Arateg, we continuously enhance code to deliver the best outcome.

4. Creating different development environments

During the software development process, we use three environments:

  • Dev — A software development team builds and tests new features.
  • Test (stage) — Our quality assurance engineers check the product for bugs, errors, and other issues. We often engage our customers to this process to ensure that the app complies with their requirements and expectations.
  • Release — Our QA experts test a beta version before moving it to production. At this stage, we check out the app or website for bugs and errors. To conduct beta testing, our custom application development company often invites users to collect and analyze their feedback.

Thanks to this approach, we not only deliver the high quality of our products but provide our clients with the possibility to participate in testing, validate the results, and change the requirements if necessary.

5. Using different types of software testing

With the help of various tools, our quality assurance engineers test software to prevent possible errors, provide high performance, and make sure the system behaves as intended. Our experts also validate compliance with the customer’s requirements.

Our QA team employs various types of testing for different purposes. For instance, employing unit testing, we test a certain application feature or module, which allows us to quickly identify and fix bugs.

Thanks to integration testing, our QA specialists examine the interaction between different parts of software functionality. With functional testing, we verify if the product aligns with functional requirements describing how it should address user problems and/or add value. To ensure security, our QA engineers test a digital solution for vulnerabilities.

6. Employing DevOps tools and practices

By using practices that combine software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops), we deliver quality products faster in comparison with companies that employ traditional approaches. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and best cloud-native practices, our team provides high availability and fault tolerance of software solutions.

With a microservices architecture, our engineers improve scalability and facilitate infrastructure maintenance. By leveraging a continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, we automate app deployment and testing, which allows you to reduce time-to-market.

Employing the tooling available in Amazon Web Services (AWS), our experts ensure continuous system monitoring and health checking. As a result, issues are instantly detected, unhealthy nodes are automatically replaced.

7. Following the Agile methodology

By adhering to the Agile software development approach, we deliver new features every 2-4 weeks, collect the customer’s feedback, and quickly make changes if needed. Closely collaborating with the client during the project, the team focuses on delivering the best quality and addressing business-specific needs.

All of our project managers are certified Scrum Masters.

8. Focusing on continuous training

Our IT outsourcing company holds extensive workshops to ensure continuous improvement of our software experts’ qualification. Giving engineers free access to our knowledge base, we help them acquire skills and learn new technologies.

Arateg pays for courses, meetups, and conferences encouraging specialists to gain the required expertise around different topics, from business analysis to software architecture development. Thanks to investing in language training, every member of our team can fluently speak English with you and your representatives.

Furthermore, our company offers to attend programming courses for receiving additional education and keeping abreast of the best software development practices.

“Our company’s mission is to make people's lives more comfortable and work of organizations more efficient using modern technologies. To be more specific, we build tailor-made software solutions of the highest quality to help our customers address their business challenges.”

If you have a project idea or need technical advice, you are welcome to drop us a message . Our team will get back to you within 24 hours. The consultation is for free.

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