2021 for Arateg. The year of changes and accomplishments

Review, 2021 results for Arateg

The 2021 year came to its end and became the time of sweeping changes for our software engineering company. Arateg launched a lot of successful projects, onboarded new team members, won awards from authorized B2B review and rating firms. Let’s sum up the results of 2021 and take a closer look at what was special about this period.

Changing the focus towards marketplace development

A new chapter for our company became the focus change towards building online marketplaces. At some point, we saw that clients mainly approached us to create multi-sided platforms for bringing together vendors and consumers. So, we realized that this was exactly what we had been doing for many years. In this regard, we decided to make marketplace development our major speciality.

As the COVID-19 forced businesses to digitize workflows and people — do almost everything at home, the most popular inquiries in 2021 were to build e-commerce, food delivery, and e-learning marketplaces.

The hype around non-fungible tokens (NFTs) affected us, too. Last year we had many requests to create NFT marketplaces and already implemented a few projects of this type. Thanks to extensive expertise in blockchain development, we can deliver NFT marketplaces powered by smart contracts, which was a shaping factor for our clients to start cooperating with Arateg.

Releasing 15+ large-scale projects

In 2021, our team delivered more than 15 solutions that are now in production. Those projects involve three online marketplaces, two lotteries, six gaming apps, three websites and a mobile app for medical institutions, and a video streaming platform.

For instance, we developed an online healthcare marketplace for automating appointment scheduling and enabling virtual consultations. With the web application, medical facilities can streamline manual workflows distracting clinicians from their core activities. Patients, in their turn, do not have to visit a doctor in person every time they need to receive medicine prescriptions. By building a microservices-based architecture, our engineers achieved scalability, high availability, and performance.

Our team also created an online fashion marketplace for a Swiss provider of software solutions to the retail, manufacturing, and foodservice sectors. The organization did not have expertise in web development, so it reached out to Arateg to make a platform that would match vendors and shoppers across Switzerland and nearby European countries. By integrating data analytics solutions, such as Fulfil.IO and Mixpanel, we made it possible to monitor user behavior, generate sales reports, and track various metrics in real-time.

A freelance marketplace was another project released by our team. In just three months, our marketplace developers built an MVP, including features like candidate search, job listing, bidding mechanism, chats, reviews and ratings, as well as online payments. Following Agile best practices, we managed to implement new functionality every 2–3 weeks.

Expanding collaboration with new regions

While previously our online marketplace development company mainly received project requests from US and UK businesses, 2021 marked the beginning of cooperation with new countries and regions.

In addition to the main flow of clients from the US and UK, we successfully collaborated with German and Swiss enterprises. We also received a lot of inquiries from businesses located in Asia, Africa, and South America. Currently, our software experts are discussing project details with customers from the UAE, South Africa, and Brazil.

Last year Arateg opened an office in the UK and established representative offices in Germany and Switzerland. This allowed us to facilitate communication with clients worldwide and handle the increasing scope of work.

Creating insightful content for our customers

Last year, we set the goal to introduce educational content about marketplaces for our customers and other readers. Since there is a prevailing but wrong opinion that marketplaces are only websites that offer goods for sale, we decided to create posts that would allow readers to delve into the topic and gain meaningful insights. In 2021, our software experts published more than 50 articles in our corporate blog and other sources.

For example, our team described marketplace types, marketplace benefits for vendors and consumers, development trends, monetization strategies. We also prepared comprehensive guides explaining how to build different kinds of marketplaces (e.g., similar to Airbnb, Uber Eats, Zocdoc), how to attract users, and what payment gateway to choose.

Let’s have a look at the most popular articles.

Intro into the topic

Marketplace trends


Development guide

Investment in marketplaces

To learn more about digital marketplace platforms, visit our blog.

Growing the team to 25+ software experts

At the beginning of 2021, we started multiple complex software projects, leading to a significantly increased scope of work. So, our company hired nearly 10 employees, involving back-end and front-end developers, quality assurance (QA) engineers, project managers, and sales representatives. And we are delighted to welcome everyone on board!

Arateg remote team

Ensuring health safety during COVID-19

We believe that a strong coordinated team is key to setting up effective cooperation with customers and achieving success. So, we provide our IT professionals with the best working conditions to make the work a pleasure.

To ensure health safety during COVID-19, last year Arateg continued to allow team members to do their jobs from any place in the world. For the first time, our employees tried to perform tasks remotely from all over the globe: US, Moscow, Bali, Poland, and Lithuania. Despite distant collaboration, they successfully got into the swing of things.

As some of our software experts feel more comfortable working in the office, we decided to provide this possibility, too. With the view to build a convenient operation environment, we moved to a new office that has sufficient space for over 25 employees.

Receiving new awards

We are proud to announce that The Manifest, a trusted B2B review and rating firm, named Arateg as the most reviewed and recommended provider of blockchain development services. Being amused to receive this award, we continue to do our best to deliver superior products that meet client needs and requirements.

Arateg awards

For a few years already, Arateg has been recognized as a leading IT partner in categories like “Top custom software developers” (Clutch, GoodFirms), “Top mobile app developers” (WADLINE, TechReviewer, ITFirms, Top Software Companies), and “Top React Native app developers” (ITFirms). Check out our 25+ rewards.

Having fun and celebrations together

At Arateg, we believe that having rest together is essential to achieve team cohesion, experience positive emotions, and learn more about each other. In 2021, we held even three corporate parties where we played action games, sports, and mafia, as well as rode on a yacht.

Arateg team having corporate party
Arateg team at summer corporate party
Arateg team building

At the last winter company party, we celebrated the end of the year, summed up the results of 2021, and set objectives for 2022.

Arateg team at New Year corporate party

Moving forward

The year 2021 was the time of prosperity and changes for our company. During this period, we delivered more than 15 software projects. Some of them have been already covered in our portfolio, including addressed challenges and implemented features. At the moment, our team is providing support and maintenance for the majority of software solutions released in 2021.

Furthermore, we focused on online marketplace development, published over 50 insightful articles, onboarded new team members, and moved to a new office. We are also proud of receiving prestigious awards from trustworthy B2B review firms. This confirms that our company is on the right track. New aims, plans, and challenges are waiting for us. Stay with us to be aware of Arateg’s news and accomplishments.

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