Based in Canada, the customer is a provider of HRM software solutions to industries such as information technology, banking, healthcare, retail, insurance, and manufacturing.


The company offers software solutions helping businesses optimize the hiring process and onboard employees in a more efficient way. Delivering web and mobile applications to enterprises and SMEs for years, the customer saw an opportunity of building an online recruitment marketplace.
To validate idea feasibility, the organization conducted a survey of HR managers working in contracting entities. After receiving a positive reaction, it decided to set up the project. However, the client did not have experience in online marketplace development.
Cooperating with Arateg, the company wanted to create a web system that would enable employers to find candidates with field-specific skills in local markets.

Project goal

The main objective was to make a web system that would allow employers to post vacancies, look for candidates by their skills and experience, as well as view resumes and applicant statuses.
With the view of generating revenue, the company wanted to implement a combination of monetization strategies.

Project duration

5 months


2 frontend developers, 2 backend developers, a UI/UX designer, quality assurance engineer, business analyst, project manager.


TypeScript, React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Storybook, SVG, styled-components, Python, Django, AWS, Elastic Load Balancing, Elasticsearch, Docker, RabbitMQ, Redis, Memcached, Bitbucket Pipelines, Firebase, PostgreSQL, Stripe API.


After collecting and analyzing project requirements, our software experts helped the customer conduct a competitor analysis, prioritize features, and choose a technology stack. Throughout this stage, we researched a range of revenue models applied for online recruitment marketplaces.
As a result, our team recommended using a combination of monetization strategies:
  • monthly and annual subscription
  • charging a fee from employers for promoting vacancies
  • charging a fee from job seekers for high rankings in the system search
Following Agile best practices such as Scrum and pair programming, our software engineers managed to deliver new functionality every 2–3 weeks. As a result, the client was able to validate the outcome of each iteration and provide feedback.
To ensure smooth navigation and ease of use, we elaborated an information architecture of a job search marketplace, including page flow logic and transition between screens. By creating a responsive UI/UX design, our team achieved a consistent user experience across all devices, from desktops to smartphones and tablets.

During the project, our team solved the following challenges:

  1. As an online recruitment marketplace was supposed to serve millions of users in Canada, it was crucial to ensure scalability, high availability, and performance.
    Our engineers created comprehensive features (recruitment dashboard, job search, notifications, etc.) as a set of microservices, loosely coupled services that are maintained and deployed independently. Thanks to this architecture, we made it possible to handle heavy loads while also reducing infrastructure costs.
    By employing Elastic Load Balancing, our team set up elastic scaling of computing resources. With RabbitMQ, we enabled data caching, which is essential for server load optimization. Using a combination of Memcached and Redis, our marketplace developers managed to improve page load speed.
  2. Since a web system would store user personal information, achieving data security was of the highest concern.
    For the purpose of safeguarding sensitive information, our software engineers implemented two-factor authentication and role-based data access control. To further enforce security, we delivered data encryption, so that unauthorized parties see only a chaotic mix of characters.
  3. It was important to prevent contradictions in HR manager schedules in case of unexpected events, for example, sick leaves.
    Our marketplace developers set up continuous monitoring of schedule changes to prevent any contradictions. Then, we created bots that automatically send applicants email notifications about interview time changes while providing the possibility to choose an alternative time slot.


Our team developed an online recruitment marketplace consisting of two models to satisfy the needs of all parties.

The functionality for job seekers includes:

  1. Registration and authorization
  2. User profile
  3. Job search across a variety of filters
  4. CV uploading and sharing
  5. Online interview scheduling
  6. Notifications
  7. Vacancy status tracking
  8. Resume paid promotion

The functionality for employers includes:

  1. Registration and authorization
  2. Employer profile
  3. Candidate search
  4. Applicant status tracking
  5. Notifications
  6. Schedule and interview management
  7. Recruitment dashboard that contains lists of CV submissions for each job vacancy and their statuses
  8. Vacancy promotion and subscription plans


Collaborating with Arateg, the company built an online recruitment platform that allows employers to hire individual experts with field-specific expertise in local markets. With the delivered marketplace, the customer was able to attract more than 80,000 monthly users in Canada, whose number is continuously growing.
Thanks to the system, the organization increased the productivity of HR managers and facilitated job search for specialists. Now, the client aims to introduce new features and reach a global audience.

What our client says

client review, from CEO of a Canadian tech company
CEO, Canadian provider of HRM software solutions

Arateg is a great software development partner that provides assistance at each project stage: from prioritizing features to choosing a technology stack and outlining an implementation roadmap. On top of that, Arateg helped us analyze competitors and identify the best monetization strategy. The team met all deadlines and in some cases, completed tasks even ahead of its initial estimation. I would definitely recommend Arateg to any startup or institution that wants to develop a robust solution with an outstanding web design.

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