Pintel is a worldwide clothing brand that delivers goods to Belarus, Russia, USA, and Europe. Founded in 2015, the company offers exclusive designer dresses and premium-class suits.

Project goal

The customer had an inspiring idea of producing beautiful premium-class clothes. To deliver goods worldwide, Pintel needed to make its services available on the Internet. Cooperating with Arateg, the company aimed to create an e-commerce website and fill a market niche.

Project summary

Project duration

2,5 months


a frontend developer, backend developer, quality assurance engineer


OctoberCMS, jQuery, MySQL


First, our team collected and analyzed the client’s requirements. Since the primary objective was to make an e-commerce website and enter the market, we began with building an MVP (minimum viable product).
At Arateg, we employ this approach to test hypotheses, reduce the software development time, and create quality solutions according to the audience needs.
By dividing the project into 2 versions, we delivered a working product much faster. The first version of an e-shop——included a personal user account, catalog, online payments, order history, etc.
To release the second version of an e-commerce platform, we added its visualizations for Russian and Belarusian domains, email constructor, WEBPAY, and a few minor features.
By following Agile, our software engineers were able to deliver new functionality every 2-3 weeks. This methodology helps our e-commerce website development company ensure team cohesion, set up effective cooperation with the client, and enhance the product quality.

During the project, our team solved the following challenges:

  1. The company needed to automate the process of launching email marketing campaigns. With a market-ready solution, Pintel’s employees would have to manually create and customize templates, adding different product groups, information, as well as making a design on their own.
    Our team built a custom email constructor with a beautiful design and an HTML markup. To develop an intuitive user interface, we conducted market research and analyzed the needs of the target audience.
    Packed with various templates, the constructor allows adding sections (e.g., titles, subtitles, products, promotions) to emails, create email marketing campaigns, choose a location, subject line, etc. The client can select products from the admin panel, prices are automatically inserted with a link with the correct URLs (.com, .ru, .by).
    case study, features of the e-commerce website for the clothing brand
  2. According to Pintel’s requirements, the first version of a custom e-commerce platform had to be released as fast as possible while preserving quality.
    To reduce the time on e-commerce platform development, our software engineers employed OctoberCMS, a self-hosted content management system that offers multiple features, themes, and plugins out of the box.
    Based on PHP and Laravel—proven advanced technologies—OctoberCMS helped our team create an e-commerce website that has a modern UI/UX design and provides consistency across screen sizes.
    Following the MVP development approach, we launched the project much faster and analyzed the audience needs and preferences. Then, our experts built the second version. As a result, we delivered the product within 2.5 months instead of 5.5 months.

The key features of a custom e-commerce website

  1. Product categories (dresses, suits, etc.)
  2. Subcategories (by size, style, etc.)
  3. Filters
  4. Search
  5. Product groups
  6. Online payment: WEBPAY, Visa, PayPal, etc.
  7. Notifications
  8. Order status tracking
  9. User account
  10. Registration and authorization
  11. Authentication
  12. Order history
  13. Data analytics
  14. Admin panel
  15. Email constructor
  16. E-commerce website visualizations for .com, .ru, and .by domains
case study, the key features of the custom e-commerce website


By creating a custom e-commerce website, Pintel successfully entered the market and gained recognition. Now, the company delivers goods to Belarus, Russia, USA, and Europe.
Collaborating with Arateg, the organization reduced the time on building a full-fledged solution by 3 months. With a tailor-made email constructor, Pintel automated email marketing and boosted employee productivity.
As of today, our software development team provides post-launch project maintenance.

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