The customer is a trusted provider of luxury property facilities located in the United Kingdom. Aiming to meet the housing market demand, the organization includes over 120 apartments and encourages outside living. Equipped with the latest technologies, the company offers great investment opportunities.

Project goal

The customer had a residential community with luxury apartments. With the view of providing excellent living conditions and attracting investment, the organization needed to integrate an internal house management system.
Collaborating with our enterprise software development company, the client aimed to build a web application that would allow setting up internal communications between residents and concierges. In addition, it wanted to let users chat with each other, create events, as well as monitor task statuses via the platform.

Project summary

Project duration

2 months


3 backend developers, 3 frontend developers, 2 quality assurance engineers, a UI designer, and a project manager


Java, Angular, Bootstrap, Firebase


First and foremost, our software development team collected and analyzed the customer’s requirements to find out the best way to build the project. Aiming to deliver the best result and meet expectations, our software engineers helped the client prepare a detailed technical specification, including user stories and wireframes. Then, we created a dynamic prototype to visualize the future web application in action.
The project had the following stages:
  • discovery stage and wireframing
  • prototyping and UI/UX design
  • web application development
  • testing for bugs and compliance with the requirements
  • product launch
Since it was important to test how the product would align with user needs, we began with making an MVP (minimum viable product). Our software engineers defined the key features required to perform the necessary tasks and built them within 1,5 months. With intro (discovery stage) and testing, the project took 2 months.
As a consequence, our team improved time-to-market while our client cut down expenses. In our custom web application development company, we employ the MVP approach to help startups and SMEs validate their hypotheses, measure user reaction, reduce costs, and enhance quality. Since the app is evolved according to the audience preferences, its popularity increases.

During the project, our team solved the following challenges:

  1. As the customer wanted to reduce time-to-market and test the product concept, it was important to build an internal house management system within 4 months .
    To create a web application within tight deadlines, our software engineers used the MVP development approach. In order to automate the process of creating a user interface (UI) design, we employed similar UI elements.
    Thanks to Bootstrap, a powerful HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework, our UI experts reused components such as forms, dropdowns, buttons, calendars, etc.
    As a result, our team delivered an internal house management system within just 2 months .
  2. As the system was intended to simplify communications in a residential community, group and private chats had to be enabled.
    With the view of enabling real-time chats in the house management system, our software developers used Firebase’s real-time database that allows storing and synchronizing the application data in milliseconds.

The key features

  1. User registrations and authorization
  2. Different roles in a house management system: admins and residents
  3. Admin panel
  4. Events (create, invite)
  5. Communication with concierges
  6. Messenger
  7. Private and group chats
  8. Access control
  9. Task manager (create tasks, track their statuses)
  10. The ability for the admin to create objects (buildings), add people to them, etc.


Partnering with our custom web application development company , the client built a house management system that simplified communications in the community. By providing excellent living conditions, the organization increased the prestige of property facilities and attracted investment from residents. Thanks to the use of the MVP approach and the right technology stack, the customer received a web application within 2 months instead of 4.

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