The customer is WeSavvy, an InsurTech startup located in Dublin, Ireland. The company provides a digital insurance platform that combines the Internet of Things and big data to track user daily and weekly activities.
Capturing and analyzing information from multiple channels such as apps and wearables, the system encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle by offering various rewards. Founded in 2015, WeSavvy helps insurers, bancassurers, and brokers manage risks while engaging policyholders.

Project goal

The client aimed to help users choose the best certificates of insurance according to their needs. Furthermore, the organization needed to explain its mission of motivating policyholders to live a healthy lifestyle by tracking their daily activities and offering benefits. However, it didn’t have a website to introduce its flagship product—features, uses cases, and advantages—for investors.
Cooperating with Arateg, WeSavvy wanted to make a web application—an online insurance service—that would tailor certificate options based on the collected data (e.g., job position, income level, everyday activities) while also describing the company’s main platform and goals.

Project summary

Project duration

2 months.


a frontend developer, backend developer, UI/UX designer, quality assurance engineer, project manager.


Python, Django, Vue.js, Vuex, jQuery, PostgreSQL.

case study, custom web insurance platform development


Our custom web app development company built an online insurance service within 5 stages:
  1. Business analysis
  2. UI/UX design
  3. Development
  4. Testing
  5. Launch
During the project, we consulted WeSavvy on various issues, including technology stack and market needs. Our software engineers wrote a technical specification, describing the required product behavior, performance, etc.
case study, features of an online insurance platform
Aiming to meet the customer’s and user expectations, our team used the following tools:
  • Customer development
  • Business model canvas
  • Value proposition canvas
  • User personas
  • Impact maps
To make a web app, our experts conducted customer development, a popular methodology for building startups. By analyzing the market needs, we identified several hypotheses behind an online insurance service and tested them. This allowed us to understand the key user problem. In this case, that was the lack of personalization.
To get a clear picture of the company’s objectives, we prepared a business model canvas and value proposition canvas. Creating user personas, our specialists defined the target audience. With impact maps, our experts visualized the project roadmap and prioritized features.
Thanks to our deep research, we developed a web app that not only introduced WeSavvy’s flagship product but provided users with personalized insurance service. Based on the gathered data (job position, income level, everyday activities, family, etc.), it tailors certificates of insurance—3 options with different prices—that perfectly suit user needs.
In addition, our software engineers built a data collection form as an iframe, allowing the client to embed it in any website or application.
case study, features of a custom web insurance platform

The key features of an online insurance service:

  1. Registration
  2. Authorization
  3. Admin panel
  4. Data collection form
  5. Personalized recommendations
  6. Blog about a healthy lifestyle
case study, features of a custom web insurance platform


Collaborating with our custom app development company, WeSavvy provided users with tailored recommendations on what certificate of insurance they should choose. By offering personalized service, the client improved the audience engagement and increased revenue.
With the delivered solution, the startup presented its mission of monitoring user activities and helping policyholders live a healthy lifestyle. Then, it showcased its flagship product—a digital insurance platform that combines IoT and big data—to investors and raised funds.

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