The customer is a provider of the first online insurance comparison platform in Ireland that allows users to compare products and find policies according to their requirements.
Founded in 2015, the organization connects with the best vendors in travel insurance, life insurance, gadget insurance, car hire excess insurance, bicycle insurance, etc., helping people find the cheapest quotes in the market.

Project goal

When the customer came to Arateg, it had a website—an online insurance comparison platform—that enabled users to compare quotes, receive personalized policy recommendations, and purchase products at the most reasonable prices.
However, the design was completely outdated. In addition, the page load speed was too low. As a result, it was difficult to attract and engage the audience.
Cooperating with our UI/UX design company, the client needed to redesign the website and ensure an amazing user experience.

Project summary

Project duration

1.5 months.


a UI/UX designer, frontend developer.


Angular, HTML, CSS.

case study, development of a platform for insurance quotes comparison


After analyzing the project requirements, our team consulted the customer on UI/UX web design and technology stack, as well as prepared a technical specification. Then, our experts defined the target audience needs and preferences.
For this purpose, we conducted a UX research by applying tools such as A/B testing, user journey mapping, and user testing. This stage helped us provide convenient website navigation and information structure.
Aiming to make a concise user interface (UI), we focused on design intuitiveness, so that people could find the necessary data or do a certain action even without thinking.
Furthermore, our team developed a wide range of reusable UI components, so that the client was able to faster create new web pages and add functionality.
Finally, we made a UI/UX redesign and frontend part of an online insurance comparison platform that analyzes user data and offers personalized insurance recommendations.
case study, features of an online insurance comparison platform

The key features of an online insurance comparison platform:

  1. Data collection form
  2. User data aggregation and processing
  3. Personalized insurance policy recommendations
  4. Insurance product comparison
  5. Blog
  6. Statistics reports for each insurance service provider
  7. Monetization via sponsorship and commission
case study, design and development of an insurance platform


Collaborating with our UI/UX design company, the client managed to attract the audience and increase the website conversion rate. By reducing the page load speed, the organization was able to significantly improve user experience.
With the help of a new modern design, the product was featured as the best online insurance comparison platform in Ireland of 2019.

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