The customer is a worldwide provider of online gaming solutions located in Ukraine and Estonia. Allowing users to promote goods with the help of gamification, the company cooperates with bloggers, influencers, software developers, and producers of licensed merchandise.

Project goal

The company needed to build an ecosystem that would combine the mechanics of online games with offline items. The system was intended to help game developers make products for dedicated fans, allowing players to participate in interactive events and unlock digital content by using NFC tags. To ensure the information authenticity and tracking goods with a digital ID, the customer decided to employ the blockchain distributed ledger technology.
Furthermore, the organization wanted to provide gamers with the possibility to purchase merchandise, conduct online auctions, as well as exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat money for in-app assets via the platform. However, the company didn’t have sufficient in-house resources to build this complex project.
Collaborating with Arateg, the client needed to build a frontend part of a web application. Then, the startup aimed to raise funds and bring the product to the Chinese and American markets.

Project summary

Project duration

10 months


4 frontend developers, 2 quality assurance engineers, 2 project managers, a UI designer


TypeScript, Vue.js, Vuex, SSR, Storybook


Our team build a frontend part of a blockchain-powered gaming platform that includes 5 modules:
  1. An online store where users can sell items, purchase inventory, make gifts while game developers are able to promote their products and boost sales.
  2. A digital wallet for fiat money and cryptocurrencies.
  3. A game development platform for creating virtual artifacts and physical goods with digital features (gamification, bonuses, etc), as well as communicating with players.
  4. A gaming exchange where players can trade digital currencies, fiat money, etc.for different in-app assets.
  5. A personal client account that allows employees to see statistics and generate reports by different filters. For instance, the customer is able to view new transactions, donated goods, and added funds. This information is automatically uploaded to the system once some action (e.g., a transaction) is performed.
When the startup came to Arateg, it had a few features already developed. However, the code was hard to maintain, which could lead to performance and scalability issues. To prevent system failures, our engineers rewrote the existing functionality from scratch.
In addition, our UI experts consulted the customer on making a beautiful user interface for a gaming exchange and providing consistency across all device screens. Then, we created numerous custom design elements and interactive animations according to scenarios of animation behavior (how they would move, change a color, etc.) provided by the client.

When creating an online gaming platform, our team solved the following challenges:

  1. It was important to build a blockchain-based platform within tight deadlines, so that the customer could pitch it for investment. Additionally, the company couldn’t provide a detailed technical specification due to changing project requirements.
    Aiming to improve the software development speed, our engineers leveraged a CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous deployment) pipeline based on GitLab. Employing continuous integration, we automated the process of assembling a web application while detecting errors more quickly.
    By using continuous deployment, our team reduced the time for making product updates, as well as enabled fast and seamless deployment.
    In order to ensure functionality delivery every 2-3 weeks and high product quality despite strict deadlines and changing specifications, our team followed the Agile best practices. The client validated the result of each project stage and provided feedback, so that our developers could quickly alter the app.
  2. The authenticity of goods had to be ensured to protect users from thefts and fraud.
    To provide the authenticity of goods and recording all activities, the company used blockchain technology. As a result, it became possible to track the history of artifacts with a digital ID. Thanks to this, the company was able to protect users from fraud, as well as to detect theft.
    Then, we developed a personal cabinet to allow users to view the information on donated, purchased, and other assets. Our experts also consulted the customer on creating the user interface that would display data recorded on the blockchain distributed ledger.
  3. As the code was written in Vue.js to improve the system performance—HTML wasn’t used according to the customer’s requirements—Google wasn’t able to “see” the website and include it in search results. However, high Google rankings had to be provided.
    Developers at Arateg made search engine optimization (SEO) and used SSR to ensure high Google rankings. This also allowed us to ensure fast website loading speed.

The key features of a blockchain-based platform

  1. A virtual store
  2. An electronic wallet
  3. Online auctions
  4. In-app purchases
  5. Tokens as an in-app currency
  6. Online payments with fiat money and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ether, IOTA)
  7. A gaming exchange to trade digital assets
  8. A personal client account
  9. Statistics on transactions, gifts, etc.
  10. Report generation by different filters, for example, by transaction date, name, etc.
  11. An admin panel (an e-shop and blog)
  12. Vouchers to make gifts
  13. Gamification (bundles, daily bonuses, etc.)
  14. Social media integration
  15. Digital ID to track goods


Cooperating with Arateg , the client developed a blockchain-based system that allows software developers to create web pages and promote their goods while gamers can play their favorite games. With the delivered solution, the organization attracted $170,000 from investors. What’s more, it managed to bring the product to the U.S. and Chinese markets.
Using a blockchain gaming platform, the company took the first and second places in several startup battles in Ukraine and Belarus. At the moment, it has a capital valuation of nearly $3.6 million.

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