The customer is a worldwide digital entertainment company that provides online video games. Based in the USA, it has millions of users across the globe.

Project goal

The client wanted to make a web application—an online video poker game—that would offer an amazing user experience. Although the organization had in-house software engineers, it didn’t have sufficient resources to build the project.
Cooperating with Arateg, the customer aimed to access the required experience in UI/UX web design and frontend development.

Project summary

Project duration

1 year.


7 frontend developers, 2 QA engineers, UI/UX designer, business analyst, project manager, backend developer.


TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Redux, Redux-saga, styled-components, JSON-RPC, WebSockets, Storybook, SVG, PostgreSQL.


Our web development team created an online video poker game within 5 stages:
  1. discovery of the customer’s needs and goals
  2. UI/UX design
  3. frontend development and a few tasks on the backend
  4. testing
  5. deployment
After collecting the company’s requirements, we prepared a technical specification and consulted the client on making a beautiful UI/UX web design. Our business analyst conducted competitor research and analyzed the target audience, which allowed us to get a clear understanding of how an online video poker game should look and behave.
Thanks to deep analysis, our experts were able to easily estimate the work scope, prioritize features, define the product structure, and create interface versions for different screens.
To ensure the convenience of use, we added a web full-screen mode that could be smoothly rotated on smartphones. As a result, users receive a great experience on both mobile and web devices. Furthermore, our team completed a few important tasks when developing the backend project part.

When making an online video poker game, our team solved the following challenges:

  1. The interface had to be responsive despite having hundreds of animations and actions (e.g., make a bet, win, lose, buy chips, refill an account, etc.) in a web application.
    To make a responsive interface of an online video poker game, our team created all design elements with SVG. By programming SVG icons, our developers enabled dynamic content, background sound, as well as implemented various effects such as backlit and vibrations.
  2. It was important to provide users with the possibility to view game history, including each small detail (bets, wins, chats, etc.).
    Using React in conjunction with Redux for application state management, our software engineers built the logic of storing game history and viewing it once a user made a request.
  3. Since an online video poker game was intended to be multiuser, all interactions had to be in real-time.
    By employing JSON-RPC (a remote procedure call protocol) over WebSocket (a communication protocol), our backend developer helped the customer’s team enable real-time interactions, involving the display of multiple actions, animations, data, etc.
    Finally, we built cheat codes for QA engineers to test an online video poker game. Providing our experts with unlimited possibilities, we checked all use cases (win, lose, replenish an account, purchase ships, etc.) in a web app and verified that it worked as intended.

The key features of an online video poker game:

  1. User profile
  2. Games and tournaments
  3. Withdrawal of money
  4. Rewards
  5. Daily bonuses
  6. Integration with the Skrill payment gateway
  7. Admin panel
  8. Chats
  9. Game history
  10. Authorization via email and social media accounts
  11. Game tutorials


Collaborating with our custom web app development company, the client built an online video poker game that now serves more than 220,000 users worldwide. By accessing our expertise in UI/UX web design, the organization was able to ensure an engaging user experience. At the moment, the customer is going to create a second product version.

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