The client is a large game provider that offers live casino games in real-time. The company was looking for professional online casino game developers who would create several games for them.


The company had already had a live casino that allowed users to play several games online. However, a gaming business always needs to be developed and grown in order to stay competitive.
Our client needed to increase the number of services to boost sales, attract new users, and retain the existing customers. In addition, he wanted to automate the process of making and adding new games to the system.

Project duration

12 month, 9 600 hours

Project team

5 front-end developers

Project goal

We needed to build a game development platform and then create two games on it—baccarat and roulette. The main tasks were to ensure their constant real-time functioning as well as their video streaming in real-time. In the future, the client was going to add more games to the live casino with the help of this platform.


Since the project was two-stage, we had a lot of work. First and foremost, the task was to build a game development platform that would enable the user to add new games and then move on to the creation of baccarat and roulette.
As always, we started the project with an analysis of the client’s requirements and his business. Once we had a clear understanding of his needs and a technical specification, our online casino game developers began to implement it.
The entire project included the following game development stages:
  • The creation of a dev framework for making and placing games on it
  • The creation of a components library
  • UI/UX design
  • Baccarat game development
  • Roulette game development
We used our general technology stack: React+Redux+Saga+Storybook+Typescript+Jest+SVG. During the project, we had several technical challenges. Many casino games had the same features such as a user account, scores, bets (make a bet, double stake, etc.), and more. As it was completely necessary to automate the casino game creation process, the key project part was to build a casino development platform.
Also, the games had some common layouts that contained the major functionality. However, even the same features could have some differences, for instance, different settings or some design elements. Since we had high expertise in this area, we implemented a really flexible component library.
Another important task was to synchronize the interface with a live video broadcasting from an offline casino, even in case of poor Internet connection. Unlike our online casino game developers who receive events (via WebSockets) showing what is happening in the game, users didn’t have the ability to see it without correlation between video and interface.
To resolve this issue, our software engineers made an algorithm for calculating the video delay and an algorithm for rewinding it with an increase in the delay by more than a certain interval.
As the project’s aim was to attract new users and increase profit, a game design must be modern, beautiful, and intuitive. So, we created a large library of animated SVG components for the perfect interface rendering (Bets Area, Scoreboard, RaceTrack, gambling chips, notifications, etc.).
What’s more, our specialists used plenty of cool animations, different highlights, beautiful movements of elements, changes in their shape and size depending on the current game state (e.g., “There are no more bets”, “You won”, “You lost”, etc.). Thanks to creating such a great design of a live casino, our client now provides an amazing user experience.


Our team of online casino game developers developed the following functionality:
  • Live mode/Video streaming
  • Platform for online game development
  • Library of game components
  • Logic library (make a bet, cancel a bet, show a win, and so one)
  • User chats
  • User account
  • In-app purchases
  • Scoring system


Our software engineering company implemented a large complex project in the gambling industry. A thoughtful analysis of the client’s business needs allowed us to facilitate the casino game development process as well as create two cool games that are already live on the platform.
These games have helped the client increase customer loyalty and attract new users. In addition, due to the platform we built, the client has the ability to easily add new games.

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