Fixed price

What do you pay for: the exact work specified in the contract between your business and an IT outsourcing company.

  • Small or medium-sized projects

  • Clear requirements

  • Strict deadlines

  • Limited budget

  • MVPs & proof-of-concepts

Time & Material

What do you pay for: the actual time spent by the team and materials utilized to deliver the product. Payments are carried out within set intervals, for example, every four-six weeks.

  • Long-term & complex projects

  • Unclear project scope

  • Flexible budget

  • Dynamic requirements

  • Willingness to control the project

Dedicated team

What do you pay for: the end cost consists of team members’ salaries and management fee (administration work) that should be specified in the contract. Generally, payments are made on a monthly basis.

  • Medium & large-sized projects

  • Total control

  • No additional payments

  • Project scope may vary

  • Direct access to each specialist

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What you get with Arateg

Up to 50% budget savings. We help you receive innovative outstanding products at reasonable rates.

Agile methodologies to collect customer's feedback and make changes on the fly delivering new functionality every 2-4 weeks.

Strong experience in building the best products for startups and SMEs since 2014.

Quick project start within 10 days, assembling your best development teams and specilaists.

Clear communication at all development stages, availabilaty during US/Europe working hours.

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